With Deep Gratitude

With Deep Gratitude
Dear Angela & Jorge:

I want to express to you both how very grateful I am for your enormous assistance with the purchase of the house we have been working on for so long.

Considering all the many business deals and house purchases I have made, I have never been treated so wonderfully, so kindly and courteously as I have by you both.

But your care and kindness has been dwarfed by your expertise and knowledge of all aspects of real estate purchases. Since I am usually out of town for four days at a time, you both have expertly and professionally handled all matters on my behalf in my absence. I have complete confidence in my reliance upon you both to act in best interests.

Your responsiveness to my phone calls and questions has always been prompt and thorough. I am convinced that this purchase would have been cancelled many times over had you both not been so expert and knowledgeable and tenacious.

I am extremely happy and satisfied with the service you both have provided and I am very thankful to you. Working with you both has been a joy. I will gladly work with you again on every future purchase and sale of real estate I may have.

With deep gratitude,