Current Challenges 

– Unreliable travel times to and from the airport (i.e. sometimes it takes 45 minutes to travel through the terminal loop)
– Significant traffic congestion on freeways and on surrounding surface streets
– No direct passenger connection to Metro rail
– Dispersed location of current rental car facilities with significant shuttle traffic around the terminal area
– APM will offer time-certain transportation options to and from the airport    
– APM will relieve traffic congestion in and out of the airport and surrounding area by eliminating shuttle trips to/from the terminal area
– APM allows easy access to Metro’s new 96th Street/Aviation Blvd. transit station which will connect to both the LAX/Crenshaw and Green Lines
– ITF creates new, convenient locations for passenger pick-up, drop-off and parking
– ConRAC provides easier and more efficient access to rental cars